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    The Southern Maryland Navy Alliance (SMNA) is a nonprofit organization. Membership fees are not deductible as a charitable contribution but may be deductible as a business expense.

    Benefits of SMNA Membership:

    • Members are recognized in our newsletters and Annual Report.
    • SMNA publications are distributed to local, state, and regional officials; federal officials across the Department of Defense (DoD); as well as leaders in our Southern Maryland Navy and business communities
    • Members are invited to monthly membership meetings as well as occasional events sponsored by SMNA to network, gain current and relevant knowledge of issues and programs important to your organization, and the community.
    • Through the work of SMNA Officers and Committees, information pertinent to the businesses and organizations of Southern Maryland is compiled from local, state, and federal government as well as U.S. Navy officials and shared with members.
    • SMNA consultants track law-makers and DoD decisions to provide members timely updated issues appropriate to our work, economy, and community.
    • SMNA maintains membership with the Association of Defense Communities (ADC) and shares their daily newsletter with members.
    • Contributors have 2 seats at the Annual Dinner.
    • Associate Members have 4 seats at the Annual Dinner.
    • Senior Members have 8 seats at the Annual Dinner and are acknowledged at the Annual Dinner and in all publications as Senior Members.
    • Executive Members have 10 seats at the Annual Dinner, are acknowledged at the Annual Dinner and in all publications as Executive Members